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Heavy Equipment Boss (Single Resource) – S-236 #1-19

Designed For Personnel desiring to become qualified as a Heavy Equipment Boss. CAL JAC Requirements: Satisfies the 32 Hr Heavy Fire Equipment Operator (3rd Yr Syllabus) requirements Prerequisites Qualified as firefighter type 1 (FFT1) CICCS Prerequisites: Crew Boss (single Resource) S-230 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior S-290 Fireline Safety Refresher Training RT-130 Certification NWCG certificate of completion MATERIALS NEEDED FOR COURSE: Students are encouraged to bring a compass as well as GPS and note taking material REQUIRED PPE: Wildland PPE Course Details Given a piece of equipment, operator, and a tactical assignment, the Heavy Equipment Boss will: • Ensure that that the dozer has been properly inspected and signed up. • Ensure that the operator is qualified and properly signed up. • Determine the capabilities and limitations of the dozer and operator to perform an assignment. Course Description This is a skill course is designed to meet the training needs of a Heavy Equipment Boss on an incident as outlined the PMS 310-1 and the Position Task Book developed for the position. Primary considerations are tactical use and safety precautions required to establish and maintain an effective dozer operation. A field exercise is required as part of the course. Special Instructions


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